Chuck Connell

128 Great Road, Bedford, MA, 01730

Sample Projects

  • Led a team to create a C-language interface (API) to a database system. Work involved complex bit-level C coding, planning/scheduling of team members, design of test suites, and overall technical management of the product. Tools were Microsoft Visual C and Windows API.

  • Designed and coded a large Java application to merge disparate name directories for a security system. Work involved object-oriented design, coding for clarity and performance, rigorous testing and integration within a larger application. Tools were Eclipse/Java and the underlying directory API.

  • Extract/transform/load (ETL) of data between various formats. Multiple projects of this type. Some have involved direct manipulation of data files, others used database APIs for the extract and load phases. The transformations achieved data cleanup or synthesis to create new fields. Formats include tab-separated text, binary records, database objects and XML. Tools included C, Java, LotusScript and WinHex.

  • Implemented S/MIME email with X.509 certificates from two different signing authorities (one self-signed) and different mail clients. Work involved background research, creation of certificate authorities, generating the digital IDs, careful (and complex) testing and a technical write-up of the solution.

  • Generation of XML output from an application to match input specified by the WSDL and SOAP of a web service provider. Primary tools were soapUI and VisualBasic.

Sample Lotus Projects

  • Replacing physical Domino servers with virtual machines built on VMware and Hyper-V.

  • Design/code/rollout of an enterprise-wide legal services Notes application.

  • Day-to-day remote management of Domino servers. I create user accounts, solve replication problems, reboot hung servers, install version upgrades, handle user help calls, etc.

  • Security audits of large Notes/Domino infrastructures. I use an audit checklist that I created, write a report about vulnerabilities and assist with correcting any problems.

  • Finding a simple way to add Google gadgets to IBM Connections.

  • Installing and configuring Lotus Traveler servers for mobile email, including SSL server certificates.

  • Designing and coding Notes C-API programs to access features that are not exposed in the other APIs.


Teaching software engineering and writing about this subject keep me up to date on the latest methods in the field. My hands-on consulting work improves my teaching and writing about software design and development.